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Career Pathways

Wabash City Schools operates on a philosophy of cradle to college as a model of support for our students and parents, empowering them to make more informed, intentional career decisions. Collaboration and community partnerships are a cornerstone to any major initiative. WCS pathways are no different. We hope to forge strong relationships with local businesses and higher education partners to pave our pathways with solid expectations to the benefit all stakeholders and the community at large. At this point, there are 5 major pathways that will provide students with the optimal courses and and experiences to best equip them for a career of their choice.

Engineering Pathway.png

Engineers are problems solvers. They use science, technology, math and even art to design, build, and repair everything from airplanes to bridges. The Engineering Pathway is about applying science, math, and technology to solve complex, open-ended problems in a real-world context. Students will use the actual technology and software used in the world’s top companies. Students will design and investigate topics such as sustainability, structures, aerodynamics, digital electronics, manufacturing, and the environment, which gives them an opportunity to learn about different engineering areas before entering post-secondary college and careers. Click the link below to learn more.

Professional Certification Pathway.png

The Professional Certification Pathway is designed to give students hands on, real-world work experience and certification in a variety of career opportunities. Heartland Career Center’s mission is to provide a stimulating environment and opportunities for students to learn technical skills, attitudes, knowledge, and understanding designed to promote occupational preparation that will be effective in today’s and tomorrow’s technical society. Students leave this pathway with knowledge, skills, and certifications that prepare them to enter the workforce. Click the link below to learn more.

Health science includes a wide variety of professions including nursing, medical doctor, pharmacist, x-ray technician, medical research, and many more. The overall goal of health science is the improvement of human and animal health through scientific research. In this pathway, students investigate the roles of biomedical professionals as they study the concepts of human medicine, physiology, genetics, microbiology, and public health. Click the link below to learn more.

Computer Science is the study of technology, computers, information/data, programing, gaming, networking, automation, etc. From designing a video game to programing satellites, computer scientists use science, math, and technology to become creators, instead of merely consumers, of the technology. The Computer Science Pathway engages students in real-world activities like creating a mobile app and using automation to process and analyze DNA-sequence data. These projects engage students in computational thinking, challenge them to think big, and help illustrate how intricately computer science is woven into our society. Click the link below to learn more.

The liberal arts pathway is the traditional high school pathway through the Core 40 Academic Honors coursework that prepares students for a 2 and/or 4 year degree at a post-secondary institution. This is a flexible pathway for students who want to continue their education, but aren’t certain what field they want to specialize in. Click the link below to learn more.

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